So, I would like to hear about your preparations for the matric dance – your challenges, fears, excitement – whatever is on your mind really. You might not know it yet, but this will be one of the most exciting and memorable events of your life.

Please don’t be afraid to share, so that the other ladies can get some tips, and that no one feels alone on their “road to the matric dance arrangements”. We can even help you find that perfect hairstyle, which will cost you half the amount you anticipated.

You can be short of cash, but one thing you should never ever deprive yourself of is having a beautiful hair day, especially for your matric dance.

You ladies are really spoilt for choice these days! With the likes of Jabula Hair Salon, you can go for weaves, braids, wigs, or just a variety of game changing hair products.

I had a look at a few trend-setting matric dance hairstyles, which I felt will be good to sport depending on your personality, face shape, and body type. I think though, at the end of the day, all you need is a hairstyle that makes you feel really good about yourself.

This particular hairstyle is a real conversation starter. It belongs to a bubbly and confident person, who is willing to steal the show. You know the kind who is never afraid to wear that red dress, at the Matric dance.

You guys know a few of those characters in your school I’m sure. I’ve met a couple of those people in my lifetime. The point is you have to know how to pull it off. What do you guys think? This lady just does it flawlessly, with panache.

I just really love the dramatic volume and romantic look that the curls add to the hair – a real plus for the big night out. Hairspray is recommended for this hairstyle.

I have always enjoyed the idea of braids, but the latest trend in braids is, of course, the box braids. Box braids offer millions of ladies protective styling, choices, versatility, low maintenance and the ability to have eye-catching hairstyles.

Of course, the absolute rage these days is to shave your sides, then braid your ‘frohawk” with the box braids. This style would be “way too cool” for school in South Africa I would imagine. Let me know if you guys would be allowed to have this hairstyle.

South Africa has also found its natural hair revival, and that’s why I’m quite partial to the gorgeous double pony hairdos in the above picture. I’ve had to stop with the weaves and go natural because my hair was thinning in front, from the age-old glue and weave experience.

When I am ready for another weave, I will do my hair at Jabula Hair Salon, as they know how to apply the weave properly.

The ponytail hairdos are eye-catching, sexy and incredibly stylish. Straight, curly, wavy or even braided, you can still do the double ponytail hairstyle regardless.

I feel that this is the style to wear when you would like to showcase the exquisite attention to detail of your dress. It’s a clean look, which is full of sophistication. This is really a fantastic evening style, which allows you to be glamorous, fashionable and full out glitzy. A moisturizer and hairspray are recommended for this hairstyle.

You can even decide on a funkier style, but because you are still at school, you can look at what is called an Afro Puff – easy on and easy off. It’s human hair, Afro kinky curl ponytail clip, which is in a short Afro puff. This particular one has been colored, to give it that chic appeal. The clever use of a thick braid for a more dynamic look, with the auburn hair added to the mix, looks spectacular.

When washing your hair, before your choice of hairstyles, feel free to ask the professionals at Jabula Stores what they would recommend in terms of hair treatments.

Happy Women’s month ladies, give yourself a spoil, as so much is on offer. More than anything, you ladies certainly deserve it!

To those going to the Matric dance, have loads of fun, and just do your very best with the exams.

Jabula Hair 2021


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